Valentine Special Skin

This is a preview of my newest skin, available until sunday is over.

It comes with or without tats.

You must be in the group to buy for 100L only.

After V-day I will either raise the price to normal or take it down. I don’t really know yet.


New Tones & Makeup

These are my newest creations. Four makeups and three tones. Because there are now tones it may take longer to reach the store because I’ll have to make demos and find a new way to organize my shop.  (Peircings are not included in the skin or painted on, I just forgot to take them off!)

Click Images to see closer.

New Makeup

The demos for new makeups have now been added to the demo box.

Skins @ Z.Inc

Z.Inc is my new store, you may remember Unpopular Designs from some years back that I co-owned. From now on I will be selling my work under Z.Inc. (Or easier said, if you liked that, you’ll love this.) I’ve been practicing photoshop with tattoos which you’ll also find at my shop. With the help of Less Than Three, Rock Candy, and Starlight, I have made my own skins. I am looking forward to doing more makeup and tattoos in the near future.

Click the picture to enter my shop in world: